ChatGPT accessible again in Italy

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ChatGPT accessible again in Italy

The artificial intelligence program ChatGPT, which was blocked in Italy a month ago for violating personal data legislation, has been authorized again in the country, announced the owner company OpenAI. The Italian Data Protection Authority had blocked ChatGPT for non-compliance with European regulations, lack of a system to verify the age of underage users, and lack of information to users regarding the collection of their data. OpenAI has implemented tools to verify the age of users in Italy and has published information on data collection and usage. ChatGPT was launched last November and is used to answer complex questions, write poems, and code.

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The American and Chinese social media giants, Meta and its competitor TikTok, have taken legal action against the European Union's latest competition rules set to be enforced in March.

Musk Teases AI Chatbot 'Grok,' With Real-time Access To X

Elon Musk revealed on Saturday the specifics of his latest AI tool, named "Grok," which has the ability to provide real-time access to X. Initially, it will be exclusively accessible to the top-tier subscribers of the social media platform.